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G.A.M.E. Makeup Seminars

Located in downtown AURORA, ILLINOIS, Gigi's Artistic Makeup Emporium, LLC, welcomes Makeup Artists, Performers in Entertainment, and Makeup Enthusiasts of all ages to participate in a wide variety of makeup education seminars and activities. We have qualified staff that are either currently employed as professional makeup artists and educators or are retirees that still enjoy sharing their knowledge on a part-time basis. Our Makeup Seminars offer an amazing and unique educational experience in a safe and fun atmosphere. We are a traditional Makeup Education Program with a legacy of rituals - both new and old - that are unique to Gigi's Artistic Makeup Emporium and that make the time with us so enjoyable and enriching for our participants. 

To learn more about what to expect at G.A.M.E. Makeup Seminars, take a look below at the full schedule. We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding specific activities, event timing or any other inquiries. Click here for Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule & Registration Info

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